Änderungen bei Certification Requirements von Windows Phone 7

Dieser Post ist sehr wichtig für Entwickler von Apps, wie  Todd Brix auf Windows Phone Developer Blog berichtet hat Microsoft die Certification Requirements für Windows Phone 7 geändert, hier ein Orginal Auszug:

Below is a summary of the changes in this version (published October 2010, version 1.4):

4.1.1. List of Package Requirements Changed the maximum size from 400 to 225 MB.
Step b. Added a clarification that the application title displayed on the phone must be the same as the title entered in Step 2 of the submission process to Windows Phone Marketplace.
Step e. Changed start experience to app list. Removed the statement “The application is optional for games.” Added a requirement that games must use the application tile image in place of the application icon. Step f. Added a column in the table about where the application icon and tile image shows up on the phone. And added screenshots of the start experience and app list.
4.3. Phone Capabilities Detection. Added information about the Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool.
4.5. Windows Phone Marketplace Iconography Changed the icon descriptions in the table to match the UI in Step 3 of the application submission process. Added a column to the table describing where artwork is used.
4.6. Application Screenshot Revised this requirement to describe that screenshots must not include any emulator chrome.
5.2.5. Memory Consumption Revised the first paragraph and added a note about DeviceExtendedProperties and ApplicationMemoryUsage.
5.2.6. Trial Applications. The trial APIs behave differently for apps/games downloaded from the marketplace than when installed on a developer registered phone. Added a new requirement to not call these APIs in a tight loop.
6.3. Applications Running under a Locked Screen Updated section with a description of the advantages and challenges of running an application under a locked screen. Separated guidance for audio and/or video applications, and all other applications. Added requirements for minimum battery life and idle behavior while the application is running under a locked screen.
Removed the requirement 6.3.1 Configurable Functionality (you no longer have to ask users to opt in to allowing the app to run under lock as long as you meet the battery life requirements above).
6.4.1. Music + Videos Hub Application Updated text to ‚video and/or music media playback‘.
6.4.2. Music + Videos Hub Application Revised this requirement to add a second implementation option.
6.4.6. Music + Videos Hub Application Added a section to the requirement that states that hub tiles should not contain album art unless the album plays when the hub tile is pressed.
6.5. Applications that Play Media Updated the first paragraph to better describe the kinds of applications or games that must meet this requirement.
6.7. Photo Sharing Applications This is a new requirement


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